POP Displays – getting noticed!

Merchandising of products has long been a tough sell. Numerous factors involved in this recipe. Attracting the consumer to your products takes planning. Initially it starts with the product itself and the branding.

The key is to know your target and sometimes peripheral market and drawing them to the Store Fixture or Point of Purchase (POP) Display at retail.

Pop Displays, Custom Retail Merchandising

Getting noticed is essential. The right POP Display will drive sales and attract your customer base.

Businesses invest a lot of money to get the information of what the market trends are and base their product presentation around that. Knowing what your competition is presenting is an absolute must. Take a look at the Craft Beer market section at the beer store and you’ll see what I mean. When you walk down that aisle it’s a sea of every colour and design on the bottles or cans and it’s just one big blend. If you look closely you’ll see the company who did their homework and stands out amongst the crowd. Their presentation is crisp, clean and the product stands out as opposed to blending in.

If people don’t see your product then it’s just a matter of time before you hit the marked down bin which means lower profit margins.

Graphics are very key to a great POP Display presence at retail. This attracts the consumer from afar. Take the bread category for instance. Lifestyle pictures get you every time. High resolution pictures of people having a bite of that perfect sandwich or a picture of freshly made Bruschetta with a perfectly placed hint of Basil on top. Appetite appeal in this and similar categories is the trigger and it works.

If you are not a top selling brand you have to have a presence at store level. Colour, lifestyle pictures, appetite appeal, elegant and reserved themes, cool and funky presentations when used properly will create traffic around your POP Display.

A striking display tells the consumer this is a solid product and we’ve put the proper time and effort to present it. Build the POP Display geared towards 1 or 2 items, don’t crowd it as you’ll lose the customers with too many choices. Balance is essential.