Protoype POP stands and racks

Need to find the Perfect Merchandise Display?
Together we can build it!

Point of Purchase Displays to Launch your product

Strategies can be as simple as the development of a main fixture, or may be a sophisticated, multi-faceted approach to launching your product.
This allows any idea to shine through while staying within budget.

POP visual merchandising manufacturer


What we’ve done for others,
we can do differently for YOU.

You love the idea, but how does it look and feel? 
Will it stand up to the rigours of the real world?

The Archetype brings your creation to life and demonstrates that it is are ready to meet the demands. An ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure at this stage. Therefore, painstaking attention to every detail is taken to ensure all of your expectations have been met in a tangible, working model.

The logistics, we handle all the aspects of your visual merchandising needs »

Wire Display Racks POint of Purchase

The DICON Difference

Our sole reason for being
is to create retail impact
and drive volume for YOU.

Visual Merchandising
Design and Manufactures of In-store Merchandising,
Point of Purchase Displays, Racks and Stands.

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